Pumpkins and potatoes

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Dors Close Allotments Association.


The Association

The Association was formed to promote communication, friendship, growing information and advice, with practical support where needed.

We formed in 2012 and in our first year we had some successful meetings and barbeques, in spite of constant rain, at which planting and local wildlife was discussed.

The Location

Dors Close Allotment site is situated one mile from Wembley Stadium in the London Borough of Brent. The site is long and narrow with houses on three sides, on the other side by the Brent Brook, woodland and the Welsh Harp resevoir. The site has a good mix of ages, male and female allotment holders combined with a good ethnic mix which means that a large variety of conventional and unusual veg is grown. At one end of the site is a vine grove, the central area has a small wood which has a clearing which is used as the communal meeting area for the the association.

The Welsh Harp Nature Reserve and lake are very close and attracts to the site some unusual wildlife like Herons, pheasants and muntjac deer. All this makes Dors Close Allotments feel like part of the rural countryside brought into the City.





View of Dors Close Allotments.

A snapshot view of Dors Close Allotments in August.The weather is still remarkably hot with prolonged dry spells and harvests generally have been excellent. Grapes are starting to ripen and if the weather holds for a while longer, there should be a bumper crop.

Dors Close Allotments in August

Meet some of the locals.

Just a few of the site residents that fail to pay their Association dues. Some of these animals are common to the point of being serious pests while others will never be seen by most plot holders.