Pumpkins and potatoes

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New wildlife discovered this year on the allotment site

Several additions to the wildlife list have been recorded this year, the most notable being two sightings of a small herd of Roe deer.
Amongst the insects there are 3 new butterflies, the Purple Hairstreak, Clouded Yellow and the Green-viened White, while the beetle list has the figwort weevil added.

On a cautionary note I must warn all plotholders that we also now host the False Widow spider which can inflict a rather nasty bite if provoked. Be careful when tidying up the shed or greenhouse.

            The poisonous False Widow spider

September Barbeque Party

On 29th September we held our second party of the year with the best attendance to date. Once again the weather turned to our favour and we all had a good time.

August Barbeque Party

The August party was held on 18th August 2013 and was well attended with good weather holding so no need to erect the marquee. The geneeral consensus was to have more parties as soon as possible while the weather remains favourable.

Dave on the Telly

Yours truly was asked to provide a hedgehog for a short piece on BBC Breakfast TV about the decline of British wildlife, and how the big Cities now provide a surprising refuge for many of these rural creatures. That, folks was my 10 seconds of fame.


Result of the 2012 halloween pumpkin contest.

Once again the Halloween pumpkin competition was won by Dave. (Will no one sort this cheeky chappie out.) The variety this year was 'Radar'. Results as follows.

  1. Dave. Weight 27lbs.
  2. Jezza. Weight 14lbs.
  3. Robert. Weight 8lbs.

October Barbeque Party


September Barbeque Party.


August Barbeque Party.


Blue Tit




Great spotted woodpecker


Long-tailed Tit